The Foster-Wiley Family consists of Administrative and Hosting Committes.

The Administrative  or Exceutive Committee  (EXCOM) is elected by the Family membership consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and the Family Historian.

The Hosting Committee consist of family members who volunteer to host the family reunions. Other committees are the Scholarship, Census Technology and Genealogy committees. The committees are regulated by By-Laws, A Reunion Planning Manual for the Administrative Committee and Co-Chairs. A Foster-Wiley Primer is available for the planning of each reunion.

Executive Committee (EXCOM) and 2019 Host Families

We are the elected Foster-Wiley Family Reunion Leadership Team. We pledge to serve the family. Don’t ever hesitate to communicate with any of us as anytime. Our commitment is to provide quality leadership in planning family reunions.

Ronald "Ronnie" Mclendon
FWF President
Thomas H. Foster, Jr.
FWF Vice President
Jerome "Duke" Haggins
FWF Treasurer
Annie Johnson Williams
FWF Secretary
Connie P. Thompson
FWF Assistant Treasurer
Janis Charles
FWF Assistant Secretary
Carol Joan "Micki" Johnson
Darrell Johnson
2019 Reunion Host
Vicki Lee Johnson
2019 Reunion Host
Albert "Butch" Wiley, Jr.
2019 Reunion Host
Robin Wiley
2019 Reunion Host